• Five Function Venue Trends That Are Emerging In The Event Planning Industry

    Function venues are opening up every day all over the world as event planners and conference organizers look outside the normal settings of where such rooms should be. You can find “unusual venues” and event rooms popping up in various places like resorts, hotels and specially built multi-purpose centers in the world. The event industry has been growing over the years and in some places, it is one of the biggest economic contributors, which is why a lot of property owners, hotels resorts, and others are recognizing the profitability of servicing the industry. As the competition between function venues grows, new trends are beginning to emerge. Here are five trends that are shaping the design of venues as well as the marketing and sale of venue space. For several fantastic function venue options in Melbourne, contact allsmiles.com.au for any type of celebration event in Melbourne.

    1. Diverse supply of venues

    Hotel based facilities and conference centers are still the favorite places for functions, but younger people or Millennials are carving a niche market for edgy venues that are unique and non-traditional.

    2. Brand association

    For corporates, brands are precious commodities that should always be protected. This is why a lot of companies are choosing venues that align with the unique identity of a company’s brand. They want their guests to see the venue as a reflection of the values that the company brand espouses.

    3. Integration with geographical locations

    In the corporate world, function rooms have evolved from being windowless spaces with tables and chairs. Function venues are designed to integrate with the surroundings. These days, venues are more appealing if they are within walking distance to amenities, this way guests can experience more of what the location offers.

    4. Sustainable accessibility

    Large function venues can have an impact on the valuable resource like energy and water and they can generate a lot of waste. A lot of progress has been made in designing environmentally friendly venues that have solid recycling programs, innovative use of energy for heating and cooling and more. Some venues have also integrated smart transportation options by being within walking distance from hotels where guests are staying reducing the traffic.

    5. Connectivity

    Connectivity is important these days. It is absolutely essential that while guests are using function rooms for a specific event, conference, or meeting, they are not cut-off from the rest of the world. There is a lot that can be done as far as connectivity is concerned. Connectivity is not only important for guests but for organizers who might need it for things like video streaming, conference apps, remote presentations and other things. Venue providers should invest in improving their connectivity and provide things like Free- Wi-Fi with adequate bandwidth for the conference function facilitators and guests to use. The widespread use of social media and the need for constant communication with the outside world is important and event or meeting planners will gravitate towards venues that have greater connectivity and infrastructure.

    In Conclusion

    These trends all point to one thing: that to be successful in the event planning industry function room providers need to be creative, connected and leave guest happy enough, they will want to come back and even recommend the venue to other people.


    With the advent of house movers, people are beginning to realize how easy it is to pack up a home and move hundreds of kilometres away, whether it be Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. In the past, when you buy a new home, then have to organize packing up and moving from one place of residence to another – it proved a bit of a hassle; there was the physical sorting involved, determining which item went into which box, figuring how best to pack up a fragile or heavy item and finally, how they were going to be transported across several miles.

    Then, the house movers came and brought with them, their own dilemma; what to look for when hiring a moving company, there was also the issue of rates and affordability, not forgetting integrity and reputation (no one wants to handover their priceless fabergé egg to a non-trustworthy moving company), finally the question of if these companies were going to be involved in the packing up and finally what equipment were going to be employed in the moving process.

    Moving companies have come a long way since then, offering bespoke services to their heterogeneous clientele from speedy deliveries to setups and installations and even offering packing plans; it’s all about value addition. Clients want to be sure that their delicate properties would not only arrive on time but in good form too.

    To ascertain all these, some visit their local yellow pages and scour through the various businesses listed, others hit the intern for moving companies within their jurisdiction; both methods come with the issue of picking out the right mover for the job. Clients consider quite a number of things before they ultimately make their decision.

    To find a reliable and trustworthy company in the Melbourne area – see the cost of hiring fragileremovals.com.au/melbourne. They specialize in interstate furniture removals across the continent, as well as suburb to suburb across Melbourne.

    Sometimes a moving company gets selected on the basis of references or referrals as it is with any other business; clients want to know who you have worked for, what they have said about you and if the previous clients were satisfied with the work done, next they verify if it’s registered; people tend to stay away from un-registered businesses, it does not contribute to service assurance.

    In addition to that, they look at the services on offer, they want to know if it’s cheaper if they pack everything and the movers only have to move or if they should engage the movers in packing, moving and sometimes, setting up.

    The number of personnel on ground to do the actual work also plays a huge part in the selection process. A moving company which shows up with just two staff is telling their client that this is going to be a long, drawn out process which would ultimately end in delayed deliveries. The equipment they bring with them is also pertinent; different sizes of furniture or property would require different loading or offloading methods as well as different moving methods, this is where the size of the truck comes into play.

    In summary, a good moving company would have a checklist of the items they would be moving, insurance covers for those items that are being moved. If a client were to start worrying over a missing item that was last seen during the packing process, it defeats the whole purpose of taking away the worry and hassle of engaging a company in the first place.

  • Storing Your Furniture When Moving Home

    Moving can be quite a hassle for many people. The difficulty, in many cases, is occasioned by the time lag between vacating your premise and settling in your new home. This time delay may be brought about by the complexities of the activities revolving around resettling such as packing, loading and unpacking which are quite daunting. Still, others may opt to stay longer in the older apartments to send a signal of quality to the would-be buyer of the premise. Special occasions such as parties and events may also require homeowners to free up some space and create room for the planned activities. Such scenarios require homeowners to acquire storage facilities where they can store their belongings safely and conveniently in the interim.

    To save customers from this dilemma, moving companies have come up with integrated services that also offer self-storage of belongings to their clients apart from the conventional moving services that they offer. The self-storage units are specialized containers where customers can opt to store their goods for any period until such a time that they are ready to move out and resettle. The containers come in sizes of 10 feet to 50 feet or more.

    Before contacting moving companies for their storage services, it is advisable to do a careful check on the safety status of the facilities. The storage units should be readily available by van to allow for the convenience of packing and unpacking. Also, they should be fitted with security gadgets such as CCTV and safety alarms, coded electronic gates, smoke detectors and fire alarms. Moreover, the corridors should be well lit with emergency telephones. Also, the perimeter security fencing should be safe and secure.

    A well respected moving company in the city of Brisbane in Australia is Expert Removalists. They have over 15 years of experience in moving and storage – and so if you are in need of a good furniture removalist in the Brisbane area – do not hesitate to contact them here. They are fast, careful, and most importantly, have full insurance and are affiliated with AFRA.

    Another measure that moving firms take to enhance further the safety of customers’ belongings is by providing insurance covers for their goods to their full replacement value. All that the customers have to do is to pay a price for the insurance cover commensurate with the value of their belongings that they are storing.

    However, storage of some goods is very strongly restricted. Storage of such products can only is done after extensive consultation with the moving company. These products may include radioactive materials, illegal goods, cash and securities, living plants and animals, firearms, munitions and explosives, waste, toxic goods, polluted goods, contaminated goods, hazardous goods (such as flammables).

    Moving out should not be a daunting task anymore for lack of storage space. Just contract the services of a reputable company that also offers storage services for ease and convenience of relocating.

  • Qualifications of Professional Roofing Companies

    If your home is in the need of repairs, you have to find a professional to do the job. While a layman with a screwdriver can do little repairs around the house, only a certified and trained professional should handle the roofing projects. It can be hard to know what qualifications and training you should find for in roofing companies. However, the following tips can help you narrow the search.

    In most states of the United States, roofing contractors must have an individual license. While certification requirements and conditions vary from region to region, the federal law requires each professional to have his own license. To apply for a license, the worker should have a permanent work address. He must also submit the evidence of liability insurance. Most of the states have listed their license requirements on their respective websites.

    No tutorial can give you the training that comes from years of practice. An experienced contractor knows about the tools and material needed to get the repair done correctly. Roofing repair and installation is more difficult than it seems and missing something can lead to serious problems later. A professional contractor will also know where to find the root of the issue, what caused the damage in the first place. The roofs installed by a professional company come with warranties.

    A professional roofing worker must qualify an exam that consists of the business and safety rules. The examination also consists a technical section that covers the construction knowledge and skills. If qualified, the license is valid for only one year and should be renewed at the end of the period.

    The training is very important as climbing up and down on a roof is a risky job. Falls are a common occurrence. A professional contractor has been trained to move the tools and material to and from the rooftop and has all the skills needed to get the repair done safely.

    In order to remain authorized, a roofing contractor must collect educational credits during the first year period before the individual license expires. The number of the credits depends on the region. To gather the credits, a contractor must attend seminars and conferences. These conferences could be about latest construction techniques, rules, and regulations, safety features or anything else.

    A roofing company must also have license and permits from the local government. The requirements for obtaining these licenses vary from state to state. These licenses allow a business to work within the city limits and the license can only be obtained with proof of tax registration and sales permits.

    A professional roofing contractor will also carry insurance coverage for both general liability and worker’s compensation. You could be responsible for any accident that occurs in your home if the company is not properly licensed. So don’t forget to check the copies of insurance certificate that cover the roofers while they are working on your property.

    Before you commence with your search for a professional roofer, don’t forget to keep all the above mentioned things in mind.

  • Four important questions you need to ask before hiring a tree lopper

    Getting a quality and reliable tree expert in the city of Melbourne is not always as easy as most people think. Despite the huge diversity of providers in the market these days there is a significant number of people who still struggle to secure the services of an ideal tree service provider. However, this doesn’t have to be always the case and in fact, the following are four simple questions that can help you differentiate between the best tree experts in the market and the rest.

    What is the cost of service and is it negotiable? One of the biggest priorities for most people looking for expert tree services is affordability. Although in recent years a number of providers in the market have done remarkably well to meet the budgets of most customers, it is always important to know that the tree company you intend to work with charges reasonable rates. Additionally, go for providers that are open to the possibility of negotiating the price.

    How many clients are you serving in this area at the moment? Establishing how many clients a potential tree expert is serving in your area can be a very good way of determining their track record in delivering quality services. The best thing to do is to actually choose a provider with a significant number of customers in your area just to be on the safe side.

    How many years have you been in business? Experience is one of the most important factors that will always define some of the best tree loppers and arborists in the market. In light of this fact, before hiring any providers make sure you have accurately established how many years they have been in business. It is advisable to choose a company with at least six years of experience in tree expert services.

    What is your customer satisfaction rate? Finally, before hiring a tree expert always make a point of knowing what other customers think about their services. Companies with high rates of customer satisfaction as well as positive reviews are always better placed to offer you the best tree service in line with your current needs.

    Finding a tree expert in the Melbourne area should be an easy and fast process especially now that the market offers a wide range of providers to choose from. The above simple questions can easily help you vet each and every tree company so that in the end you are able to pick out a provider that suits you best.