Five Function Venue Trends That Are Emerging In The Event Planning Industry

Function venues are opening up every day all over the world as event planners and conference organizers look outside the normal settings of where such rooms should be. You can find “unusual venues” and event rooms popping up in various places like resorts, hotels and specially built multi-purpose centers in the world. The event industry has been growing over the years and in some places, it is one of the biggest economic contributors, which is why a lot of property owners, hotels resorts, and others are recognizing the profitability of servicing the industry. As the competition between function venues grows, new trends are beginning to emerge. Here are five trends that are shaping the design of venues as well as the marketing and sale of venue space. For several fantastic function venue options in Melbourne, contact for any type of celebration event in Melbourne.

1. Diverse supply of venues

Hotel based facilities and conference centers are still the favorite places for functions, but younger people or Millennials are carving a niche market for edgy venues that are unique and non-traditional.

2. Brand association

For corporates, brands are precious commodities that should always be protected. This is why a lot of companies are choosing venues that align with the unique identity of a company’s brand. They want their guests to see the venue as a reflection of the values that the company brand espouses.

3. Integration with geographical locations

In the corporate world, function rooms have evolved from being windowless spaces with tables and chairs. Function venues are designed to integrate with the surroundings. These days, venues are more appealing if they are within walking distance to amenities, this way guests can experience more of what the location offers.

4. Sustainable accessibility

Large function venues can have an impact on the valuable resource like energy and water and they can generate a lot of waste. A lot of progress has been made in designing environmentally friendly venues that have solid recycling programs, innovative use of energy for heating and cooling and more. Some venues have also integrated smart transportation options by being within walking distance from hotels where guests are staying reducing the traffic.

5. Connectivity

Connectivity is important these days. It is absolutely essential that while guests are using function rooms for a specific event, conference, or meeting, they are not cut-off from the rest of the world. There is a lot that can be done as far as connectivity is concerned. Connectivity is not only important for guests but for organizers who might need it for things like video streaming, conference apps, remote presentations and other things. Venue providers should invest in improving their connectivity and provide things like Free- Wi-Fi with adequate bandwidth for the conference function facilitators and guests to use. The widespread use of social media and the need for constant communication with the outside world is important and event or meeting planners will gravitate towards venues that have greater connectivity and infrastructure.

In Conclusion

These trends all point to one thing: that to be successful in the event planning industry function room providers need to be creative, connected and leave guest happy enough, they will want to come back and even recommend the venue to other people.