Storing Your Furniture When Moving Home

Moving can be quite a hassle for many people. The difficulty, in many cases, is occasioned by the time lag between vacating your premise and settling in your new home. This time delay may be brought about by the complexities of the activities revolving around resettling such as packing, loading and unpacking which are quite daunting. Still, others may opt to stay longer in the older apartments to send a signal of quality to the would-be buyer of the premise. Special occasions such as parties and events may also require homeowners to free up some space and create room for the planned activities. Such scenarios require homeowners to acquire storage facilities where they can store their belongings safely and conveniently in the interim.

To save customers from this dilemma, moving companies have come up with integrated services that also offer self-storage of belongings to their clients apart from the conventional moving services that they offer. The self-storage units are specialized containers where customers can opt to store their goods for any period until such a time that they are ready to move out and resettle. The containers come in sizes of 10 feet to 50 feet or more.

Before contacting moving companies for their storage services, it is advisable to do a careful check on the safety status of the facilities. The storage units should be readily available by van to allow for the convenience of packing and unpacking. Also, they should be fitted with security gadgets such as CCTV and safety alarms, coded electronic gates, smoke detectors and fire alarms. Moreover, the corridors should be well lit with emergency telephones. Also, the perimeter security fencing should be safe and secure.

A well respected moving company in the city of Brisbane in Australia is Expert Removalists. They have over 15 years of experience in moving and storage – and so if you are in need of a good furniture removalist in the Brisbane area – do not hesitate to contact them here. They are fast, careful, and most importantly, have full insurance and are affiliated with AFRA.

Another measure that moving firms take to enhance further the safety of customers’ belongings is by providing insurance covers for their goods to their full replacement value. All that the customers have to do is to pay a price for the insurance cover commensurate with the value of their belongings that they are storing.

However, storage of some goods is very strongly restricted. Storage of such products can only is done after extensive consultation with the moving company. These products may include radioactive materials, illegal goods, cash and securities, living plants and animals, firearms, munitions and explosives, waste, toxic goods, polluted goods, contaminated goods, hazardous goods (such as flammables).

Moving out should not be a daunting task anymore for lack of storage space. Just contract the services of a reputable company that also offers storage services for ease and convenience of relocating.