With the advent of house movers, people are beginning to realize how easy it is to pack up a home and move hundreds of kilometres away, whether it be Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. In the past, when you buy a new home, then have to organize packing up and moving from one place of residence to another – it proved a bit of a hassle; there was the physical sorting involved, determining which item went into which box, figuring how best to pack up a fragile or heavy item and finally, how they were going to be transported across several miles.

Then, the house movers came and brought with them, their own dilemma; what to look for when hiring a moving company, there was also the issue of rates and affordability, not forgetting integrity and reputation (no one wants to handover their priceless fabergé egg to a non-trustworthy moving company), finally the question of if these companies were going to be involved in the packing up and finally what equipment were going to be employed in the moving process.

Moving companies have come a long way since then, offering bespoke services to their heterogeneous clientele from speedy deliveries to setups and installations and even offering packing plans; it’s all about value addition. Clients want to be sure that their delicate properties would not only arrive on time but in good form too.

To ascertain all these, some visit their local yellow pages and scour through the various businesses listed, others hit the intern for moving companies within their jurisdiction; both methods come with the issue of picking out the right mover for the job. Clients consider quite a number of things before they ultimately make their decision.

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Sometimes a moving company gets selected on the basis of references or referrals as it is with any other business; clients want to know who you have worked for, what they have said about you and if the previous clients were satisfied with the work done, next they verify if it’s registered; people tend to stay away from un-registered businesses, it does not contribute to service assurance.

In addition to that, they look at the services on offer, they want to know if it’s cheaper if they pack everything and the movers only have to move or if they should engage the movers in packing, moving and sometimes, setting up.

The number of personnel on ground to do the actual work also plays a huge part in the selection process. A moving company which shows up with just two staff is telling their client that this is going to be a long, drawn out process which would ultimately end in delayed deliveries. The equipment they bring with them is also pertinent; different sizes of furniture or property would require different loading or offloading methods as well as different moving methods, this is where the size of the truck comes into play.

In summary, a good moving company would have a checklist of the items they would be moving, insurance covers for those items that are being moved. If a client were to start worrying over a missing item that was last seen during the packing process, it defeats the whole purpose of taking away the worry and hassle of engaging a company in the first place.