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bet8娱乐’s advocacy team strategically focuses its efforts to defeat hostile legislation while advancing legislation beneficial to the industry.

bet8娱乐 was extremely successful in the 2018 legislative efforts.

In total, bet8娱乐 took positions on more than 80 bills and monitored more than 300 bills. bet8娱乐 also implemented the Housing Killers and Housing Creators in 2018 for the first time, which had great success due to the magnitude of California’s current housing crisis.

Issues of Importance to bet8娱乐

  • Build build build. It is extremely important to build all types of housing for all different types of people.
  • Streamline housing projects to help increase supply as a faster pace.
  • Legislature – DO NO HARM – do not pass any bad bills that will hurt housing.

More specifically, bet8娱乐 engages on a number of key policy areas as directed by the Government Affairs Committee including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Land use
  • Building and energy codes
  • Water
  • Wetlands
  • Climate change
  • School facilities
  • Housing affordability
  • Transportation
  • Environmental regulations
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